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Continuing the Legacy of Christ-centered faith and learning

The Legacy Link program is available for all children and grandchildren of Geneva College alumni from newborn to senior year of high school. Students enrolled in Legacy Link will receive special, age-appropriate gifts and communications from Geneva at meaningful times through their childhood.

Alumni will also receive helpful information about connecting their children or grandchildren with Geneva's mission of Christian education. As parents and grandparents share about their time at Geneva and its impact upon their lives, it is our hope that students develop an excitement about a Geneva journey of discovery of their own. 

Enroll Your Legacy
A Geneva Legacy Family

Gifts will be sent for the following milestones:

  • Birth announcement/Receive a baby onesie
  • 5th Birthday/Kindergarten
  • 10th Birthday
  • 15th Birthday/9th Grade
  • 16th Birthday/10th Grade
  • 17th Birthday/11th Grade
  • 18th Birthday/12th Grade

Together, we’re seeking God’s design in all things. Integrating faith and life. Exploring, growing, and discerning all that we are created to be and do... That's the Geneva legacy.

The benefits of Legacy Link:

In addition to regular milestone gifts, Geneva offers additional opportunities throughout the year for your legacy student to engage with Geneva College, such as regional events, summer camps on campus, and family fun activities at homecoming and family weekend.

When a legacy student enrolls at Geneva College, they will automatically receive the Geneva Legacy Grant which provides $1,000 annually toward tuition for every child and grandchild of a Geneva graduate for up to four years. The grant applies in addition to all other Geneva scholarship and financial aid packages, excluding the Gold & White Grant*.

For additional information, please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at or 724-847-6590.

The Gold & White Grant is awarded to students referred by an alumni.

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